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This page is the temporary index page for the hedergabor.tripod.com hobby site
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This site has written materials mostly in Hungarian language. You can find my older hobby writings at the "archives:writings" column. Most text were written in higher language level so I can not translate them into English yet.

I placed some self-developed javascript animations in this site. (Later I will put some javascript Rafael animation codes into my pages.) If you have problems with javascripts, please desable them.

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tetra (Hungarian)

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Hozzászólok az alkotmányhoz

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old index page (English)
old indexhu page (Hungarian)
elektro (Hungarian) - hobby electricity
electro (English) - hobby electricity
szabadido (Hungarian) - "spare time"
archives : writings

harmadik (Hungarian) - about UFOs
egykisfilo (Hungarian) - philosophy
mem (Hungarian) - about the mem theory
szabadsagi (Hungarian) - about freedom
ido (Hungarian) - about time
dombovari_9 (Hungarian)

By title :
Harmadik típusú találkozás egy pofonnal
Pár gondolatom és észrevételem a mémelmélettel kapcsolatban
Egy ember szabadsági fokai
Régi indexhu intro
Levél Grandpierre Attila úr részére


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